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Major junctions
Beltway around Luminaire
  Atlion I-1I-1 in Erwin, National Capital Region
Highway system
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Interstate 901 (I-901) is an 86-mile Interstate Highway that surrounds Luminaire, the capital of the Republic of Atlion, and the city's innermost suburbs in the National Capital Region. I-901 is formally named the Luminaire Orbital. I-1 utilizes the northern portion of the Orbital to circumnavigate Luminaire, and is signed concurrently with I-901 along that section.

The Orbital passes through four of the five National Capital Region counties, Kings County, Broker County, Portland County, and Davis County The roadway does not enter the formal City of Luminaire.

Route description

The Luminaire Orbital encircles the islands that make up the City of Luminaire. The two directions of travel, clockwise and counterclockwise around the city, are known respectively as the "Inner Loop" and the "Outer Loop". The route description below follows the Inner Loop, beginning at Stevenson's Junction to the south of the city.


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