Atom Shelter is the name for a series of Atomic Fallout Shelters currently under construction in the Federated States of America. Sparked by the threat of nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, Project Safehouse was set in motion, which was designed to provide fallout shelters to the general public. As of 2012 over 150 atom shelters have been constructed by government defence contractor Atom-Tech. The project was funded by both Atom-Tech and the FSA government. Shelter numbering goes from 1-154 for Civilian shelters, and the Presidential shelter is known as Atom 0.

Civilian Shelters

Civilian shelters are subterranean, and are normally built into mountains, are below major cities. Currently 154 civilian shelters have been constructed, the first being Atom 1 underneath Los Angeles in 1991, and was used to demonstrate the viability of such a facility. The Shelters are normally built 500ft underground, shelters underneath major cities are normally 600 - 1000 ft below ground due to the extensive bombardment that would take place over major cities. Civilian Shelters can normally house a limit of around 800 - 1000 people dependant on the size of the shelter.

The shelters are sealed by 10 ton metal doors, which were tested to have a 2% failure rate incase of direct hit by nuclear missile. The shelters have air filtration systems that can keep oxygen recylcing for over 100 years if needed, and interior lights are altered to mimic sunlight. All civilian shelters are controlled by super computers.

Presidential Shelter

The Presidential Shelter, also known as Atom 0, is an exclusive shelter reserved for the president, his deputies and key members of the government, scientists and scholars. The shelter differs to civilian shelters in that it is located 1300ft underground, and is fitted with a Ultra-Secure Prototype blast door, that has a 0% fail rating. Atom 0 has a direct link from the Presidents Residence, from a room connected to the Presidents office.

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