Atomniksgrad (Atomic city) is a class A-restricted town in northeast of The Republic.

It was built in 1970 to house workers at the AT-15 Nuclear Plant and their families. The town has 15,170 residents in In 1975 some nuclear reactors slowly leaked. When serious levels of radation were detected 3 weeks later all residents were contaminated to some degree.

After the incident

The government, in an attempt to control the situation, long-term quarantined the entire population of the city in a safe laboratory and closed off the town. Nearby populations were quarantined for short term durations in order to cleanse them. Nuclear safety inspectors declared several more buildings safe (by 1979) and special HAZMAT teams brought in supplies to the town. In 1984 robots were used to transport food and equipment to residents, who have not been allowed to leave the town under any circumstances.

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