The Attorney General of Broker is the state attorney general of the Republic of Atlion state of Broker. The Attorney General is the head of the Broker Department of Justice and Security as well as the chief prosecutor for the people and state of Broker. The AG represents the State of Broker in any judicial setting. The office's main responsibility is to ensure the laws of Broker are enforced and that justice is carried out on behalf of the people of the state.

Unlike other appointed state cabinet-level offices, the Attorney General is elected to a five-year term with no limitation on the amount of terms. The AG election is held at the same time as the gubernatorial election for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The current Attorney General is Reginald Matthews who has held the office since 2002.

The office is seconded by county and local-level District Attorneys who, despite being elected, make out a part of the broader Attorney General's Office. Hundreds of DA and AG's investigators as well as Assistant District Attorneys and the two Assistant Attorneys General staff the office and mainly act as the prosecuting authority on behalf of the people of Broker. The office staffs approximately 350 legal professionals and about 3,000 support staff.

List of Broker Attorneys General (1982-present)

Num. Name Term
# Jason Broker 1962-1982
# Francois DeVaal 1982-1987
# Garrett Phelps 1987-1990
# Camilla Johnson 1990-1997
# Gordon McKnalty 1997-2002
# Reginald Matthews 2002-present

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