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Audax Gradaro FC
Full name Audax Gradaro Football Club
Logo Audax Gradaro
City Gradaro
Founded 1911
Stadium Tiziano Costa Stadium
President Primo Costa
Manager Giorgio Bigrazzi
Colours White and Green
Fans Gradaristi
League Lecrotian Premier League

FC Philipton is a soccer (aka football) club in Lecrotia.

First team

No. Name Position Nationality
1 Renato Girberti GK
Flag of Lecrotia
2 Traian Dagareanu LB
Flag of Romania
3 Sobir Bazuroyev RB
Flag of Uzbekistan
4 Roberto Xover (Capt.) CB
Flag of Lecrotia
5 Jáán Klustikk CB
Flag of Lecrotia
6 Giovanni Pliezzat LM
Flag of Lecrotia
7 G. Moustakassadis RM
Flag of Greece
8 Gerhard Lõhmus CM
Flag of Estonia
9 Einar Davíðson CM
Flag of Iceland
10 Ħustav Álinen ST
Flag of Lecrotia
11 JR Metsing ST
Flag of Lesotho

Second team

No. Name Position Nationality
42 Albertas Užugiris GK
Flag of Lithuania
50 Andrew Baxton GK
Flag of New Zealand
34 Miroslav Radić RB
Flag of Croatia
15 Ahmed bin Khoustary[1] CB
Flag of Lecrotia
16 Igor Mazzocchi CB
Flag of Lecrotia
17 Jury Litvinčuk[2] LM
Flag of Lecrotia
18 Loris Milani II CM
Flag of Lecrotia
19 Alessio Langhi CM
Flag of Lecrotia
84 Gregorio Storchi ST
Flag of Lecrotia
66 Valerio Siluzzi ST
Flag of Lecrotia
89 Juan Carlos Vargas ST
Flag of Bolivia


  1. Born in Egypt, became a Lecrotian citizen in 2009.
  2. Born in Belarus, became a Lecrotian citizen in 2011.

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