United Commonwealth of Aurgelmir or more simply known as Aurgelmir is a tri-colonial planet and is home to the Valkyrie people. It was registered into the United Earth Federation after several hundred years of lost communications on May 6th 3300. 


The Earth Empire launched it plans to create new planetary colonies across the known universe. The Spaceport Sweden was to be the launching grounds for the ESS Nordic to the gas planet Jasmine's moon Helena to create a base of operations to extract Jasmine's precious gases. On March 21st 2195 the ESS Nordic launched and set off to create Earth's 17th colony, the first week of the ship was dedicated to a round the clock crew to insure that the ship met its destination, on May 1st, the crew and its passangers were instructed to return to deep sleep to await Helena. 

On June 15th, the ESS Nordic's supercomputer Lucia was corrupted by some unknown cause, she instead of directing them too Helena set course to an un-charterd area of space, dedicated for the crews death. Four years, three years more then intended passed by and the Earth Empire formally declared the ESS Nordic lost. It was on December 25th 2199, that William Klaus woke from his slumber and turned off Lucia, in her last moments of life damaged the ships engines and communications systems. Klaus, whom understood that the engine could not return them back to Earth, saw a three planets orbiting each other, all of which were green and lush. Klaus landed the ship on Wyrd, in which he alerted the crew to awaken. 

Klaus, leading the memeber of the expedition off the ship were greeted by a large pool of clear water, and one large tree on a island in the center. The planet look to them as a paradise, and the colonist, disobeying Klaus's order to reject the temptations of the planet began eating its fruits and drinking its water. The colonists returned to the ship, horror struck the crew, all of whom began to gain seizures and foaming at the mouth, and eventual darkness. 


Valkyrine King

King of the Valkyries

While the Valkyrieen people are still considered to be 'human' in consideration of DNA and overall look, when the Convergence Event occured they lost their ability to reproduce with humans, and lost the many physical features of the human race, such as hair and pigmentation. The Valkyrie people are extremely tall, extremely pale, and show to have a large muscle mass. 

Religion, language, cusine and family formation are exactly similar to that of Humans, the language of Valkyrieenian is of Indo-European discent, close to that of the Baltic languages. The Cult of Terra was the primary religion of the Valkyrieen people before the Day of All Truths, which worshipped the former home of Earth, and the idea of trying to cure their corrupted bodies. 

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