Auriela Sovr' Ragna
Goddess of War (Viborgism)
Goddess of War
Deification 8 September 2313
Ultimate Warlord of Paangoon
Predecessor None
Years of service 2313 - present
Queen consort of Viborg the Almighty
Predecessor Sinyd Enshata
Coronation 11 May 2314
Spouse Viborg the Almighty
Issues None
Full name Auriela Astarothia Sovr' Ragna
House House of Sovr' Ragna
Father Nostraskr Sovr' Ragna
Mother Irina Bartalatosh
Born 20 July 2282
Religion Viborgism (as a minor-god)

Auriela Sovr' Ragna (Auriela Astarothia Sovr' Ragna; born 20 July 2282) is a Queen consort of Viborg the Almighty . She also serves as the Ultimate Warlord of The Greater Cerberussy and Goddess of War in the religion Viborgism.

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