Australian Civil War
Raising the Australian Flag

Raising the Eureka Flag in Townsville
Date 1928 - December 1929 (guerilla war)
21 December 1929 - October 1933
November 1933 - 1940 (insurgency)
Location Australia, Papua and New Guinea
Result UWL/Communist victory
United Workers League Flag United Workers League
Eureka Flag Independence League (to October 1933)
Flag of Australia Commonwealth Government
Eureka Flag Independence League (from November 1933)
Commanders and leaders
United Workers League Flag Jock Garden
United Workers League Flag Frank Forde
United Workers League Flag Jack Miles
United Workers League Flag Fred Paterson
Eureka Flag Eric Campbell
Eureka Flag Adela Pankhust
Flag of Australia William Watt
Flag of Australia George Pearce
Flag of Australia Harry Chauvel
Flag of Australia Brudenell White
Flag of Australia Thomas Blamey
Eureka Flag John Gellibrand
204,000 126,000
Casualties and losses
64,950 27,600
The Australian Civil War (1928 - 1940) was a multi-party civil conflict fought between the communist United Workers League (UWL), the Australian Commonwealth government, and at later stages, the Australian Independence League, an alliance of right and far-right forces. The conflict was eventually won after a short-lived alliance between the UWL and the Independence League defeated the Commonwealth forces, forcing them into exile in 1933, and beginning the deterioration of relations between the victors, leading to the Independence Insurgency.


World War One

Divide in Labor

Post-war malaise

Growth of the Communist Party

Tasmanian guerilla war

Economic collapse


Tasmanian campaign

Initial UWL uprisings

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