Australian federal election, 2038
Ausflag Winner 2000

203611 December 2038 2041

All 156 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and 40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party Third party
Verity Barton
Cropped Burges Portrait
Stephan Dawson Cropped
Leader Verity Barton Andrew Burges Stephan Dawson
Party Liberal National Nationalist Labor
Leader since 21 April 2033 (2009-12-01) 11 May 2037 (2013-06-26) 16 March 2038 (2013-06-26)
Leader's seat Longman Cowper Brand
Last election 35 seats 34 seats 57 seats
Seats won 48 seats 48 seats 37 seats
Seat change Green Arrow Up13 Green Arrow Up14 Red Arrow Down20
Popular vote 6,739,185 6,261,962 3,164,903

2038 Parliament Composition

Prime Minister before election

Stephan Dawson

Elected Prime Minister

Verity Barton
Liberal National

The 2038 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election that took place on 11 December 2038 to determine the members of the Australian Parliament for 2038-2041.

The election was marred with both political and social upheaval that followed in the wake of a world wide depression. Hitting Australia hard, the depression saw a major decline in popularity for the Labor party, now led by Stephen Douglas following the retirement of Tony Burke on March 2nd.

The two other major parties (the Liberal Nationals and the Australian Nationalists) both attempted to combat the depression in two distinct ways. The Liberal Nationals attempted to bolster open unrestricted trade and economic co-operation with countries that weren't affected by the economic collapse; whilst the Australian Nationalist, led by their newly elected leader Andrew Burges following the death of Jim Saleam in early 2037, persuaded many voters that it was immigrants and foreigners that truly led to the collapse of the economy, and argued for more protectionist policies to be put in place to protect 'national interests'.

Both of these tactics worked in the campaign season, however, both parties split the vote, winning a total of 48 seats each, resulting in the first hung parliament since the 2010 election. Following a number of deals with the independents in the House of Representatives, Barton gained their support to become the first women Prime Minister in 25 years, and the first Liberal National leader since Tony Abbott in 2021.

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