Australian Nationalist Party
Nationalist Party Logo
Leader Jim Saleam (2033-2037)
Carlton Hughes (2037)
Andrew Burges (2037-2076)
Russell Brown (2076-2083)
James Packer (2083-2087)
Brendan Burges (2087-2088)
Howard Ruwolt (2088-TBD)
Founder Jim Saleam
Slogan "To Advance Australia"
Founded 12 September 2033
Dissolved 5 May 2120
Headquarters Saleam House

40 Curroung St
Reid ACT 2612

Newspaper The Victory
Youth wing Nationalist Youth
Membership 240,000 (2033)
3,000,000 (2076)
Ideology White Nationalism,
Third Positionism,
Political position Right-wing to Far-right
Colours Brown

The Australian Nationalist Party (abbreviated ANP), also known commonly as simply the Nationalists, was a political party in Australia that was active between 2033 and 2120, having controlled government from 2040 to 2087.

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