Australian State
Federal Republic of Australia (2040-2051)
Ausflag Winner 2000 2040–2087 Flag of Australia
Eureka Flag Australian State Seal for Infobox
Flag (2049-2088) Coat of Arms

"To Advance Australia"


"Advance Australia Fair"

Australia (orthographic projection)
Capital Canberra
Languages English
(official; sole legal language)
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Nationalist single-party state
 -  2040–2045 Peter Voss (first)
 -  2062–2087 Malcolm King (last)
Prime Minister
 -  2040–2076 Andrew Burges
 -  2076–2083 Russell Brown
 -  2083–2087 James Paker
Legislature Parliament
Historical era Second Cold War
 -  First Burges Ministry 8 June 2040
 -  Dissolution Acts 2048 – 2051
 -  Zambian War 2055 – 2063
 -  Absolute power referendum 12 March 2067
 -  Death of Burges 15 November 2076
 -  Australian Opening 2083 – 2087
 -  Total 7,692,024 km²
(2,969,907 sq mi)
 -  2040 est. 32,757,054
 -  2076 est. 45,160,319
Currency Australian dollar ($)

The Australian State, also historically known as Burgeist Australia or Nationalist Australia was a period in Australian history during which the Australian Nationalist Party, led by Andrew Burges, took control of the national government. 

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