Autonomous Region of Tibet
Tibet Özerk Bölgesi

Flag Coat of arms
Capital Lhasa
Official languages Uyghur, Chinese, Turkmen
Demonym Tibetan
Government Autonomous Region of Turkestan
• President
Bur Nakuri
Autonomy within Turkestan
• Succession to Turkestan
• Census
• Density
13/km2 (33.7/sq mi)
The Autonomous Region of Tibet is an autonomous province within the Khanate of Turkestan. The region covers the region of Tibet, formerly part of the Peoples Republic of China, until its seccession in 2002, along with the province of Qinghai. Tibet's succession from China was not easy, and was met by limited military force from China, with retaliation from Turkestan, which ended in a stalemate, and Tibet was given Autonomous Status within Turkestan, while the Peoples Republic China retains territorial cliams over Tibet, and the Qinghai Province of Turkestan, which was sparked by Tibet to seccede from China. Tibet's Autonomous Government is led by the People's Government of Tibet, which has an elected 'President' who is subordinate to the Prime Minister of Turkestan. 


Autonomous Government

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