Auzitegi Goren
Auzitegi Goren Logo
Agency overview
Formed 1949
Jurisdiction Euskadi
Headquarters Azpiazu Building, Gasteiz, Euskadi
Minister responsible Jon Otxoa de Marcos

The Auzitegi Goren (Supreme Court of Euskadi) is the independent judicial arm of the state. It maintains a system of courts and sits above the other courts and is the final court of appeal. It can also reexamine cases if new evidence emerges.


Auzitegi Goren Epaimahaiburu

Francisco Ybarra Lorenzo. Auzitegi Goren Epaimahaiburu from 2010.

Auzitegi Goren is independent as of the third amendment to the Euskadi Konstituzioa. The Auzitegi Goren has oversight over the Lurraldeko Auzitegi (high regional courts) of which there are about 7 throughout Euskadi, and Eskualdeko Auzitegui (district court) of which there are around 27. The Auzitegi Goren is the final court of appeal following appeals from the Eskualdeko Auzitegi and the Lurraldeko Auzitegi. The Auzitegi Goren can also reexamine cases if sufficient new evidence is found. Constitutional matters are subjet of the Auzitegi Goren jurisduction.


According to the Euskadi Konstitucioa, candidates for Auzitegi Goren Justices must have integrity and be of good character as well as be experienced in law. Candidates are proposed to the House of Representatives by the Judicial Commission. If the House of Representatives approves them, their appointment is then confirmed by the Lehendakari.

Auzitegi Goren Epaimahaiburu

The Auzitegi Goren Epaimahaiburu and his or her deputy is elected by the Auzitegi Goren justices from among the members of the court.

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