Avalon Records is a Wessex and Cornish multinational music recording, record label and publishing company headquartered in Glastonbury, Somerset. Avalon Records is owned by Avalon Media, which also owns Avalon Studios, and is the largest in Wessex and Cornwall and one of the largest in Europe. With many of the country's biggest bands and artists signed, such as Don Broco, Ellie Goulding and Iwan Rosewarne. Avalon Records also owns the Digital Music Television Channel, Avalon Music. 

Singed Bands and Artists

Other Operations

Avalon Music

Avlaon Music is a digital music television channel in Wessex and Cornwall that was launched in 2006. Its is the only Wessex and Cornish-based music channel available on Sky and NT Digital. 

W&C Top 10

Avalon Records also publishes the Official Wessex and Cornwall Top 10 Music Chart. Which is the only official chart for the Wessex and Cornish Music Industry and the official chart for music downloaded/bought in the country. 

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