The continent of Avröa is a major continent on the world of Thalgor. It is home to many cultures and histories, and it is widely-diverse


The continent has many biomes and terrains, like many others. The continent is shaped around a vast enclosed sea known as the Heart Sea, which is connected to the ocean known as the Great Sea through the Straits of Esteria. This sea is important to the international trade, and it is unsuprising the richest nations are around this sea. It keeps the lands inside the continent fertile, since large tracts of it would otherwise be arid deserts.

The lands to the far north of Avröa are covered in vast tracts of glaciers and ice known as the Northern Wastes. These lands are mostly uninhabited, apart from by the normadic shamanistic people known to other people of the continent as Ice-Walkers. The lands up there are cold, dark and merciless, more so in winter. Ice wraiths and yeti call these inhospitable lands home. There are also white bears, northern seals, and sperm whales that live and hunt on the ice or beneath it.

The glaciers of the Northern Wastes are held back by a wide, long range of eroded mountains known as the Teeth of the World. They are cold, rugged peaks, that are always snow-capped even in the warmest of summers in the North. The mountains are home to the Icebeard Dwarves, Frost Dragons, and Ice Trolls. The mountains has veins of copper and tin, and there are mines of flint and iron. The mountain range has three large valleys, named Frostbite Vale, Glacier Canyon and Troll Valley. The Icebeard Dwarves have seven cities in this range, but only one is known; thier capital of Dandehelm. There are roughly few trees that live here, only the Windbark Pine thrives here.

To the south of Teeth of the World is a vast, cold grassland known as the Great Northern Plains. These

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