Ayarai Lynx
Ayarai Lynx
The Ayarai Lynx
Type Light armored vehicle
Place of origin Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Service history
In service 2006–Present
Used by Logo of Pravus International Pravus Combat Legions
Production history
Manufacturer Ayarai
Unit cost $175,000
Produced 2004–Present
Number built ~2,000
Weight 2,250 to 2700 lbs
Length 13 ft
Width 7.42 ft
Height 6 ft
Crew 2 to 3 (Driver & Gunner; Navigator optional)

25 mm M242 Chain Gun
Suspension Independent 4x4
Ground clearance 3 ft
Fuel capacity 25 U.S. gallons
560 miles; 750 with hybrid engine
Speed 65 mph
The Ayarai Lynx is a 4x4 all-wheel vehicle designed and produced by Ayarai, the leading automotive subsidary of Pravus International. The vehicle was designed exclusively for usage by the Pravus Combat Legions, the the military arm of the megacorporation. The vehicle's futuristic design and manufacturing was to combine the agility of the LAV with adequate protection against small arms fire, artillery fragments, mines and NBC weapons. The LAV is fully amphibious and can swim at 6.2 km/h; it is also air transportable by many military and civilian cargo planes.

The Lynx is exclusively owned and operated by Pravus' security forces and private security contractors. As part of Ayarai's long-standing pro-monopolist views (still run by the traditionalist trade family), the company does not sell its military vehicles to other countries to other state police agencies without the express permission of Pravus International. This has been common with Pravus subsidaries, who have traditionally kept the "best products" for Pravus itself, usually stating that they cannot keep their competitive edge if they sell all the good stuff first.



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