Azor del Partido Conservador(APC)
Leader Eduardo Guierrez
Chairperson Alexander Ulreyez
Founder Joaquin Vaillero
Founded 2 July 1992
Headquarters APC Quaerter, 76 San Juan Avendia.
Ideology Capitalism, Eqaulity
Political position Centre
Religion Catholic
Official colours Sky Blue, Salmon Red
Estado Generales
233 / 384
Divisional Seats
723 / 1,084
The Azor del Partido Conservador(APC)(Azoro Conservative Party) is the largest political party in the Estado Generales of Azoro. The APC was established in 1992 and is headquatered in Saba, Azoro. This party helped the country into establishing the government but is not the oldest(The Azoro Federation Party is the oldest but id the sixth largest).

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