Native name: あず電子他
Azueh Locator Topography secondary
Azueh Koben Location
The island's location(largest to the right)
Location East Central Pacific
Coordinates 13°37′28″N 177°16′57″E
Archipelago Haihuyito
Highest point Gerinuo ()
Largest city Palikin (pop. 8,994,454)
Demonym Azuen
Population 75,365,538 (as of 2011)
Ethnic groups Azuen,Rials,Batenese

Azueh(Kobenese:あず電子他) is an island of Koben. With a population of 50 million (excluding the 3.6 million on Madura which is administered as part of Java), it is the world's third most populous island, and one of the most densely populated regions in the world. It is home to almost 50% of Koben's population. The island dominates Kobenese social, political and economic life.

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