Bachr is a grouping of languages in the Nól (language family) family, including Bachrian and it's related (?dialects?)languages.

Nól-Caroth and Caroth


The current living language of this family, Bachrian is dying out in the empire - favoured over by Mannish and it's mutually intelligible dialects. A dead dialect of this language is Frachrhiôn meaning, from the river (frachr, from, of and -rhiôn,runner - in this case of water).


Brought across the sea by the Bachrian tribes which early on peacefully united with the Franzkún tribe it has been mostly preserved in names of certain locations and names and family history. The languages brought by the original tribes is called Bar-Sprüchr (Bar - before, over and sprüchr - rupture, division) and has been dead for over two thousand years. Most of the Bachrian used today is influenced by the Franskún & Alamannish languages and as such is not "pure".

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