Bad Astronaut is an Alternative rock band from Zigit, Georgeland. Formed in 2002, by a group of university students at Zigit's campus of the University of West Mainland, the band played clubs and pubs in the Zigit area before submitting a demo tape to local record company Sutter Records. Their debut single, Not My Woman, was released on the Sutter label in March 2004. This was followed by the second single Lazy Days. The group released its first album, According to My Mother, in July 2004. A tour of the United States followed, in which the band recieved significant airing on college radio.
A second album, entitled Frozen Kiss, was released in October 2006. The band then embarked on a national tour to promote the album, followed in July-August 2007 by appearances in Australia and New Zealand. In March 2008, the band announced the release of their third album, Whatever, would take place in June and be accompanied by a national tour.


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