King of the Kingdom of Nanhai Tudi, the Land of the Southern Sea with Four Islands Divided Into Twelve Constituent Countries
Reign September 22, 1990
Coronation October 25, 1990
Full name Bai Arthit Chand Ferre
Gender Male
Born December 23, 1967
Manila, Philippines
Predecessor Arthit V
Consort to Jema Cortes
Royal House House of Ferre
Father Arthit V, King of Nanhai Tudi
Mother Linda, Duchess of Han-le
Children Jana, Princess of Oriental

Elina, Princess of Jasao

Somchai, Prince of Dajang

Huang, Prince of Sur

Dina, Princess of Mengra

Bai III (Bai Arthit Chand Ferre, born December 23, 1967) is the king of Nanhai Tudi.

Bai was born in Manila and he was spend his elementary and high school in De La Salle University. His family was known to the protest in Han-le to restore the monarchy in Nanhai Tudi in 1980 against the Communist government of former President, Farun Yan. He was known to help the poor families and promote the eco-tourism.

Early life

Bai is the first child of Prince Arthit, Duke of Han-le (later King Arthit V) and his wife Linda, Duchess of Han-le (later Queen Consort Linda). His father was a first child of King Huilang I and Queen Consort Ara. His grandfather was abdicated to the throne after World War II and lived in-exile together with the royal family in Manila. His mother was the only child of the businessman, the owner of Hang and Company, Louis Heng. He was born in Manila Doctors Hospital in December 23, 1967 at 9:00 A. M.

Bai's only sibling is Princess Ara, was two years younger. They were educated in De La Salle University when they was in elementary and high school.

Heir presumptive


Titles, styles, honors and arms

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