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Baja California crisis
Part of Second Cold War
Date October 4, 2014 - present
Location Baja California peninsula, Sonora
Result Ongoing
Flag of Sierra Sierra Flag of Mexico (Fascist) Mexico
10,000 troops stationed in region
45 vessels
70 aircraft
3,500-15,000(?) soldiers (unknown)
Casualties and losses
144 civilians injured
32 civilians killed
1 military personnel killed
1 frigate damaged
4 frigates damaged

The Baja California crisis is an ongoing diplomatic dispute and military crisis between the Kingdom of Sierra and the Mexican Social Republic over the Baja California peninsula and Sonoran region.



Domestic reactions

International reaction

  • Flag of Gaul Gaul - The Gaulish Prime Minister François Hollande has expressed outrage over Mexican actions. "As an ally of Sierra we officially condemn the actions of the Mexican government and can only hope for the Sierrans to prevail." Gaul has decreed that it will send military aid to Sierra, and has also called for economic sanctions.
  • Naval Ensign of Greece (1863-1924 and 1935-1970) Hellas - Basileus Alexander Ioannou II of Hellas stated that the imperial nature of Mexico threatens global peace and stability and condemns the actions of Generalísimo Pablo Hildago de Veracruz. "The world will not stand for the tyranny of the Mexican government and its leaders" the Basileus stated in a press conference. "We will employ economic sanctions if Mexico does not cease its acts of hostility towards Sierra."
  • Akitsuflag Akitsu - Prime Minister Toru Fujiwara expressed outrage at Mexico's actions, calling them nothing more than "aggressive expansionism". He compared Mexico's actions to that of China's in the Gusuku Islands crisis and said that "at least China has shown some restraint in that they haven't deployed their military forces into the region, Mexico seems to have no such limits". He said that economic sanctions were a possible consideration, but declined to say if he would actually go through with such responses.
  • FlagofPenda Westland - Chancellor Oska Stärk has stated Mexico's 'aggressive' actions against Sierra are deplorable, and has condemned the actions of both Mexico, and specifically Generalísimo Pablo Hildago de Veracruz. Westland has said that they support the efforts of Sierra in this conflict, and hope that their 'will' will prevail. \
  • Lanna Lan Na - Prime Minister Khae Leeyao publicly expressed her condemnation of Mexico's aggressive actions. "It is a shame to see Sierra, a great country with it's own ideas and it's own culture, being attacked by Mexico because of the loss of historical territory. Lan Na does not accept this, and sanctions will come into place if Mexico will not stop their expansionalist actions."

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