Baktambiba (Coriju: 박담빕아, Hanju: 吸收土, Dang for 'Absorb Land') is a contraversial government policy of Danguk that has been ongoing since the late 1990's, introduced under the Birabe regime in 1989. It revolves around the idea that Danguk is entitled to the lands that were originally part of the Dang Dynasty at its greatest extent, most of which are now part of the Russian Federation republic of Dangrussia, following the end of the Second World War and the occupation of a large part of non-core Dang territory. The territory has been dispute for several decades.

The policy has been criticised by several foreign nations, including Japan and most objectively, Russia, however many other countries have expressed sympathies, considering that Russia technically 'stole' the land from Danguk during the Soviet Occupation following the surrender of Japan after World War II. Danguk has pursued dialogue with Russia over the claims, however since the beginning of the Putin regime talks have become more aggrevated and conflictual, particularly since Russias operations in Ukraine from 2014, which Danguk has expressed serious opposition to. 


The lands that form part of the Baktabimba policy were originally ruled over by both the Dang Dynasty from around 13th century to the 15th century, and by the Ula Dynasty from the 15th century until the beginning of the 20th century when it was invaded and annexed by the Japanese Empire in 1911. Following the terms of Japanese Surrender, Danguk was occupied by the Soviet Union and later became a puppet state until the Dang Revolution in 1956 which allowed core-Dang territory to become a soveriegn state under a socialist regime. The territory which the Socialist Party of Danguk managed to 'take' from Soviet control did not span the original composition of Danguk, and the Soviet Union absorbed the remaining territories.

Currently, these territories comprise the Russian republic of Dangrussia. Residents within Tungussia have called for an referendum on re-unification with Danguk, however this has been repeatadly shot down by both the Russian federal and Dangjussian republic government. 

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