Balford Energy
Type Private
Founded Chicago, Wabash Confederation, 1959
Founder(s) William Balford
Headquarters Chicago, Wabash Confederation
Area served Wabash Confederation, Kingdom of Sierra, United States
Key people Lucas Balford (CEO)
Marianne Beaumont (Chairman)
Industry Energy
Products Nuclear energy
Hydroelectric power
Lead mining
Natural gas
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker 27.98 billion (2014)
Operating income Green Arrow Up Darker 4.2 billion (2013)
Net income Green Arrow Up Darker 3.1 billion (2014)
Total assets Green Arrow Up Darker 90.6 billion (2015)
Total equity Green Arrow Up Darker
Employees 36,000 (2015)
Divisions MidwesternUtility, Continental Energy

Balford Energy Corporation is the primary producer and distributor or electricity in the Wabash Confederation. Headquartered in Chicago, Indiana it is one of the largest publicly traded companies of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Established in 1959 by the 23rd Government of the Wabash, it was created to provide cheap energy on behalf of government subsidies to manufactures who's factories were extensively consuming energy. Its primary utility subsidy, MidwesternUtility is the largest in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Iowa. Controlling 95% of the nuclear power plants in the nation, it currently has 16 active plants online. In 2011, the Wabash-Sierran Energy Agreement was signed with the Kingdom of Sierra in the agreement of delivering nuclear energy to the countries some 58 million customers, which has pressured the company to open 10 new plants. In 2012, Continental Energy was established as Balford's primary utility company in Sierra.


Wabash sought the idea of nuclear power, but rather than the usage as weapons it wanted to provide power. President George Matthews pushed for the creation of the Department for Nuclear Exploration in 1931 and began recruiting some of Wabash's most prominent physicists. With association with the University of Chicago created the first artificial nuclear reactor; the Chicago Pile-1. On December 2nd, 1942 2 the first ever nuclear reaction occurred, leading the Sierrans and Americans to proceed with the Manhattan Project.

In 1937 Wabash Nuclear Commission found that the usage of plutonium for the nuclear plants would allow for Wabash to build up its nuclear arms, and deter any aggression for the world. In 1959, the first commercial opened nuclear power plant was opened with subsidized funds from the 23rd government, stating that the energy consumption by the growing industrial sector was to great for the mostly coal fired power plants. William Bradford developed the company and signed the 1960 Energy Pact; agreeing that with the subsidies provided that Balford and his company would remain indefinitely in the Wabash. From 2001, the 24th government began dismantling the nuclear weapons project with the assistance of the Balford Corporation.



United States


Social Republic of Mexico

Balford Nuclear Plants

  • Northern Wabash Generating Station
  • Western Ohio Generating Station
  • Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station
  • Byron Nuclear Generating Station
  • Clinton Nuclear Generating Station
  • Dresden Generating Station
  • LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station
  • Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station
  • Zion Nuclear Power Station