Just Cause 2- Bandar Baru Nipah05:09

Just Cause 2- Bandar Baru Nipah

Kota Pantai Kuala, PBC Tower, Pekan Lalang Liar and Rumah Hartawan

The PBC Tower. the tallest building in Panau

City of Bandar Baru Nipah

The city of Bandar Baru Nipah was a huge Government project to construct a entire newly built city under the leadership of Syed 'Papa' Panay and construction began in April 2000. The city is still not completed and currently is completley pedestrianised. It is home to the tallest building in Panau and home to the Panau Broadcasting Center, the PBC tower. It is only the second city in Panau and is being constructed from scratch. In 2003 construction of the PBC tower began under the new regime and was completed ahead of schedule despite delays by 2006.In 2004-2005 the President Pandak Panay suspended the construction so he could convert as many funds as possible to the to Military, propaganda and censorship. Construction resumed until the unrest of 2009, where due to widespread violence it was once again halted. However in June 2012  construction finally got under way once again. Due to these interruptions the city is not expected to be completed until late 2017.  Authorities say that construction is behind schedule due to 'terrorist Militants trying to halt the growth and prevent the people of Panau thriving in prosperity and peace'. The settlement is 45% complete with the only area's open to the public is pedestranised and most of it is offices.

The City was designed at a Junction on the M3 of the Panau/Motorway system and passes right under it. The Initial proposition was suggested by the Minister of Internal affairs (Zahrin Casseer) and Minister of Transportation (Biza Owen) in 1998 when Syed Panay was still President,. Although initially rejected by the Panau administration 'Papa' Panay was eventually convinced by his son Pandak Panay. (Who he had many disagreements with especially before his death)

The Construction of the new city was funded by Oil trade with Russia until 2010 with the destruction of a major Oilfield. Now it is solely down to the high taxes paid by the mostly poor Panaun people

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