The Baronial Archives of Lockhurst were created in 1914 to preserve the official and unofficial records of the Barony of Lockhurst. Chartered by Lord William Severit, the archives contains the largest repository of Lockhurstan documentation in the world. It is maintained by the Baronial Archivist and his staff, now numbering eleven. The Baronial Archivist is responsible for preserving all documents held by the Archives, cataloging said documents, and assisting researchers with the documents. Originally inhabiting the First Residence of the Severit Family, the Archives moved into a larger facility in 1957.

Baronial Archivists

# Picture Name Lifespan Term of Office Baron(s) served under
1 Russell Moreland Russell Moreland 1853-1939 1 March 1914-29 April 1930 Lord William Severit
2 Hubert Pullman Hubert Pullman 1868-1947 13 May 1930-22 December 1941 Lord William Severit
3 Archer Graves Archer Graves 1890-1953 29 December 1941-20 August 1953 Lord Charles Severit
4 Calvin Edwards Calvin Edwards 1898-1981 3 September 1953-31 December 1975 Lord Charles Severit
5 Benjamin Huntingdon Benjamin Huntingdon 1919- 1 January 1976- Lord Charles Severit

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