Bastion-class Airship
Bastion-class Airship
Role Aerial Aircraft Carrier/Command Platform
National origin Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation
Manufacturer Enyiazu Aeronautics
Chuma Heavy Industries
Mkazo Industries
First flight May 11, 2021
Introduced May 11, 2021
Status Operational
Primary user Hurian Air Force
Number built 3 in service
2 under construction
Unit cost $745 million

The Bastion-class Airship is the series of flagship vessel currently under constrution and in use by the Hurian Air Force. It serves as a large mobile airbase capable of launching and repairing aircraft, as well as serving as control hubs for the Jackel Drones developed by the New Age Weapons Program. Powered by four nuclear generators, the airship is capable of remaining in the air indefinitely, returning to military bases only food and equipment for it's crew. It's purpose in combat is serve as support for Hurian military forces, as well as transporting VIPs and special forces to locations around the globe. The are currently three Bastion-class airships in service: the MAF Maurice Williams, MAF Ibrahim Kourouma, and the MAF Sayé Sankara. Additionally, there are another two under construction.


Following the creation of the Union of Everett, the actions of the United States of America in Africa, and the increasingly threatening moves of the Grand Yarphese Republic, the Hurian Federation was awash with a number of seriously dangerous enemies, who at anytime could invade the country. Thus, the New Age Weapons Program initiated by the Supreme Commander of Huria, was ordered to develop something that could give Huria an edge over it's enemies. The first of the Bastion-class airships was constructed in the mountains of central Huria, with it completed on May 11, 2021, just in time for the 70th anniversity of Huria's creation. It was chrisened the KAF Rollace Williams, after Huria's first leader and founding father. The second airship was laid down no more than a month after the first was completed.



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