Battle of Everett
Part of 2012 Invasion of America
American soldiers preparing for League offensive
American soldiers preparing for Ixanian offensive
Date January 9–17, 2013
Location Everett, Washington
Result Decisive League victory
Flag of Ixania Great Ixanian Empire Flag of the United States United States
Commanders and leaders
Imperial Forces: 24,380
  • Kuroshima: 12,000
  • Wushan: 8,400
  • Xara: 3,980
United States: 13,755
Casualties and losses
2,784 killed
13 captured
2,800 wounded
6,880 killed
200 captured
4,500 wounded
35,000 civilians killed
20,000 civilians captured
10,000 civilians wounded
The Battle of Everett was a major battle of the 2012 Invasion of America. The battle was seen as a major victory for the Great Ixanian Empire, which took what that considered a symbol of America. Home to the USS Nimitz supercarrier, and a major international port, symbol of liberalism, and military base for the American forces in the region, the city of Everett, Washington was considered too great of a target to pass up by the empire. The city now serves as the region headquarters for imperial Ixanian troops in the area, and the center of the collaborator government, the Republic of Occupied Cascadia.


Combat Operations


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