Battle of Leade Island
Date January 11, 1942 - January 26, 1942
Location Leade Island
Result Japanese-Draguan Peace Pact
Newnetherlandsflag2 Republic of the Draguan Islands Flag of Japan Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Newnetherlandsflag2 Terry A. Wood
Newnetherlandsflag2 Gordy Earle Wakefield
Newnetherlandsflag2 Egbert Abels
Newnetherlandsflag2 Haru Ito
Japanese flag Shigeyoshi Inoue
Japanese flag Eiji Gotō
Japanese flag Tamon Yamaguchi
750 Draguan Navy Marine Division personnel
50 Draguan Air Force paratroopers
90 aircraft
1 aircraft carrier
3 battleships
2 battlecruisers
4 light cruisers
3 destroyers
1150 Japanese soldiers
130 aircraft
2 aircraft carriers
2 battleships
4 battlecruisers
3 destroyers
4 cruisers
Casualties and losses
163 killed
280 wounded
15 airplanes shot down
37 airplanes damaged
2 battleships damaged
1 battlecruiser sunk
1 battlecruiser damaged
2 light cruisers sunk
2 destroyers damaged
372 killed
497 wounded
27 captured and returned
27 airplanes shot down
56 airplanes damaged
1 battleship damaged
2 battlecruisers sunk
1 battlecruiser damaged
1 destroyer sunk
1 destroyer damaged
1 aircraft carrier damaged
2 cruisers sunk

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