The Battle of Nazaraka (22 October 2325 – 1 April 2326) was a major battle of Cerberussian War of Aggression in which Tcardom of Rodina and its allies fought the Greater Cerberussy for control of the city of Nazaraka in the south-western Shyatland. Marked by constant close quarters combat and disregard for military and civilian casualties, it is amongst the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare. The heavy losses inflicted on the Spysa make it arguably the most strategically decisive battle of the whole war. It was a turning point in the Otechestvan theatre of the war–the Rodinian forces never regained the initiative in the North and withdrew a vast military force from the West to replace their losses.

The Rodinian offensive to capture Nazaraka began in late autumn 2325 using the 4th Army and elements of the 7th Tank Army. The attack was supported by intensive Vyvys bombing that reduced much of the city to rubble. The fighting degenerated into building-to-building fighting, and both sides poured reinforcements into the city. By mid-January 2326, the Rodinians had pushed the Cerberussian defenders back at great cost into narrow zones generally along the west bank of the Riska River.

On 29 January 2326, the Perathidu launched Operation Yustinus, a two-pronged attack targeting the weaker Varvorese and Scransi forces protecting the Rodinian 4th Army's flanks. The Revolution forces on the flanks were overrun and the 4th Army was cut off and surrounded in the Nazaraka area. Tcar Phoeniksov ordered that the army stay in Nazaraka and make no attempt to break out; instead, attempts were made to supply the army by air and to break the encirclement from the outside. Heavy fighting continued for another two months. By the beginning of April 2326, the Revolution forces in Nazaraka had exhausted their ammunition and food. The remaining elements of the 4th Army surrendered.

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