Battle of Tyler
Part of the Second American Civil War
Location Tyler, Texas
Result Decisive government victory, end of the war.
DeseretFlagBetterResolution Southwest Republic Flag of the United States Philadelphia federal government
Commanders and leaders
DeseretFlagBetterResolution Norm Barber Flag of the United States Sheldon Moore
Casualties and losses
The Battle of Tyler was the last combat engagement between the Southwest Republic and the Philadelphia-based federal government during the Second American Civil War, and occurred on X December 2006. General Norm Barber's Army of Texas defeated a massive counterattack from Philadelphia Lieutenant General Sheldon Moore, effectively ending Philadelphia's campaign to have the Southwest Republic readmitted into the United States.


Order of battle

US federal government (Philadelphia)

  • Headquarters, Reacquisition Forces West
  • 10th Mountain Division
    • Major General Louis Stephens
  • New York Guard 10th Brigade
    • Colonel Garry Anthony
  • New York Guard 56th Brigade
    • Colonel Henry Faulton
  • 104th Fighter Wing
    • Brigadier General Tim Otis
  • 158th Fighter Wing
    • Colonel David P. Baczewski

Southwest Republic

  • Headquarters, Army of Texas
  • 1st Calvary Divisions
    • Major General Anthony R. Leradi
  • I Marine Expeditionary Force
    • Lieutenant General John A. Toolan
  • 56th Fighter Wing
    • Brigadier General Jerry D. Harris, Jr.
  • 150th Fighter Wing
  • Carrier Strike Group One
    • Captain Randolph F. Pierson

Course of the battle



The Battle of Tyler is remembered in New England as a mistake where lessons were learned, and the fallen are remembered as "Those Who Opened Our Eyes," in addition to all Philadelphia-based soldiers who died in the following months before March, when the Second Civil War ended. The New England Republic was declared on 29 March 2007 as the successor to the Philadelphia government. Today, while not perfect, New England and the Southwest Republic have a peaceful relationship and are trade partners. Heads of both governments have stated their intention to strengthen ties with one another.

The Battle of Tyler is remembered in the Southwestern Republic as the battle that ensured its independence, but also the day where hundreds of Americans - referring to the troops of the Southwestern Republic and the New England government - laid down their lives for what they believed in. In honor of the battle, the federal government approved the construction of the Battle of Tyler Memorial in 2010. The memorial was completed in December of 2011 and dedicated to the deceased and living soldiers who had fought on either side on January 12, 2012. The memorial is managed by the National Park Services.

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