Battle of the Scarlet Banners
Part of War of Tameros
Battle of the Scarlet banners
Date 1081
Location Vermilion
Result Rowan's Crusaders decisive victory, takes complete control of the Crimson Knights.
Allon's Knights Rowan's Crusaders
Commanders and leaders
Lord AllonGrand CrusaderRowan I
233 350
Casualties and losses
72 Battle
32 Burned at the stake
65 Battle

The Battle of the Scarlet Banners was the final stand of Lord Allon against the military wing of Rowan I's Crimson Knights. Some recall it the most definitive battle for the War of Tameros, giving the western powers the full support of the powerful Order and gave Rowan the religious backing of the knights. Accounts that the skies across the continent turned fiery, that God's holy order had turned too civil war and scandal, he was displeased. At the end of the battle, Grand Crusader Rowan was the victor and burned anyone whom refused to pledge to his cause.


Within the Crimson Knights, most regarded Lord Allon as the religious head, guiding the Knights to its fortune and power. Allon used the young Rowan and his account of escaping from the Theme of Western Tameros as evidence of the fiery Crimson God. With this, the Crimson Oath, the oath given by Rowan at age 16 to protect and serve the innocent of God, to give mercy and give refugee too those in need.


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