Bedeg river
Origin Lake Kydog
Mouth Iganjy, Virmasmer Sea
Basin countries Ardenjost, Cardoby
Length  ?
Source elevation  ?
Avg. discharge 520 m³/s
Basin area 39,000 km²


Bedeg River is called Bedegtot in Sonnend and Betjiydev in Cardobian, the official languages in the river basin. Other names are:

  • Betijdav in Nins
  • Bedegdoi in Cuopioan
  • Bedütot in Ferrine
  • Petessijoki in Church Fennic
  • Petesjok in Finnish

Journey along the river

  • 0 km: The river starts from Lake Badeutes at Mosakes
  • 2 km: Road 93 goes over the river on a 139 m long bridge
  • 10 km: The dam of Mosakes, height 15 metres
  • 17 km: Confluence with Mosatot
  • 57 km: Upper confluence of Tollatot
  • 70 km: Lower confluence of Tollatot
  • 83 km: Ardenjost-Cardoby border
  • 102 km: Confluence with Casvatot/Casayde
    • old Ardenjost-Cardoby border
  • 107 km: Dam of Ryamin, height 11 metres
  • 108 km: Centre of the town of Ryamin
  • 129 km: Confluence with Bajaydev
  • 161 km: Ending to the Virmasmer Sea at the town of Iganjy

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