Bell's Curse is the supposed curse set upon the National Front for Freedom and their party leadership by former Prime Minister Robert Bell. It is an folklore of the people of the United Socialist Commonwealth and is used a political satire at times. The curse originated from the cities lying on the coastline of the Inland Sea who are haunted by Isle of Souls misty presence, cities including the capital of Cromwell and Winstanley.

Bell's Political Career

Robert Bell was a well known democratic socialist who sought to weaken the authoritarianism set in by former Prime Minister John Winstead. Most political workings of the government were still in loyalty to Winston who outlived his secretary and nominated the oppressive leader of Charles Meade in 1914. Bell was elected in 1920 when Winstead died at the hands of cholera; with sounding support from the populace rather then the party. His policy included the removal of the the states statue of forced atheism, creation of better wages, shorter work weeks and freedom of family planning.

Bell's Death and Curse 

Bell was instrumental in modernizing the nation and developing the interior the nation; now the most populated area of the nation. Bell called the irrigation system Project Eden which to many members of the parties inner workings saw as religious and a danger to the anti-religious establishment of the state. Once Bell had completed his work on the Ise of Souls, Secretary Meade called the Prime Minister to Winstanley from his home at Cromwell Manor; once Bell had arrived he was brutally beaten by Meade's men and dragged into the streets where he was executed- the event was covered up and seen as a assassination by the underground Roman Catholic minority. In 1941 with the death of Meade was the information released; it was Meade's death that lead to superstition; that all men aligned with the ideology of Winstead will befall his same fate- death by cholera or disease. Both Meade and Winstead died of Cholera on June 1st, in the same building.

The story of the Curse is that Bell seeks to avenge the people and restore religious liberty to the state; and that any politician that insists to carry on the state atheism will befall the same fate as Winstead and his ideological followers. His ghost is said to be presented as tall man (like that of Bell of 6'5) dressed in black with the head of a bulls skull. 

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