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Benelli is a Europan weapons and military technologies manufacturer.



MAD robot

MAD robot

Arm turret

ARM 1-0

Benelli is the primary manufacturer for combat and noncombat military robots in Europa. Their primary productis the Benelli MAD (Military attack and defense) robots. They are like miniature tanks and are equipped with various weapons, sensors and cameras. These are often used in very dangerous combat situations. While being completely autonomous robots, they can be remote controlled if necessary.

The ARM (Arma Robotica Meccanica) is a robotic artillery turret, a stationary counterpart to the MAD robot. There are three versions of this, the ARM 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0. The 1-0 is a light turret for small-scale attack. The 2-0 is a larger howitzer-like gun used in place of heavy artillery and the 3-0 is a rocket launcher of sorts.


The Ray-On Pulsar (nicknamed the thunderbolt) is a meant at neutralizing enemy objects/systems resistant to EMP attacks. Benelli has released very little information on this.

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