Benjamin Hawke
Benjamin Hawke (Xai script)
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Representative of the Xai Ruling Council for House Hawke
Assumed office
24 October 1923
Preceded by Oscar Hawke
Constituency House Hawke
Personal details
Born4 May 1870
Oxida Nova, Xai Ascendancy
Spouse(s)Joanna Hawke
(married in 1904)
ChildrenFrancis Hawke
(born in 1911)
Alma materUniversity of Oxida Nova
ReligionXai Alithian Church
SignatureBenjamin Hawke&#039;s Signature.png
Benjamin Hawke (born 4 May 1870) is the patriarch of House Hawke and their representative on the Xai Ruling Council. He is the chief rival of Alexander Morgan, due largely in part to their families' hatred for one another given the longtime griefs they caused for one another in the past. A man of fiery rhetoric and passion, Benjamin has been used many times in the past to gain the aid of other families in a cause that concern the Xai race as a whole. He was responsible for pushing through the request that the Xai Public Relations Committee be formed to deal with the Xai's foreign image problems.

Raised into a pious family during the 1870s, Benjamin gained much of his speech skills from listening to the ministers of the Xai Alithian Church. Highly passionate about the causes he takes up, Benjamin is well respected by his peers, who do their best to apply his skills in areas that require the attention of the public. Having come from the second-largest family in the Xai nation, the man is well aware of the challenges dueling with the House of Morgan can bring, and has despite his dislike for them, done much to heal the rift between the two, especially given the dangerous position the Xai are in with the United States and its allies.


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