Bentonport is a city in the United Atlantic Federation . It is located on Benton Isle and is the nation's official capital and largest city by both area and population.


Bentonport was established as the capital of Benton Isle on 7th July 1948, when the UAF was known as the Atlantic Colonies. It became the capital of the UAF on 6th May 1952, when the UAF was formed and given independence from British rule. Bentonport was formed from the original naval port on Benton Isle.


Benton Isle is a low lying island located in the gographical centre of the UAF, North Isle lies to the north and South Isle to the south, with West Benton Isle lying to the west and Benton Bay Island lying to the east. Benton Isle is entirely urban besides a park in the centre. Central Park is the UAF's largest managed park. The original port lies in the south-east of the island. The rest of the island is mostly financial services and businesses, there is little accommodation on the island, with few apartments in selected prestigious skyscrapers.


Main article: Transport in the Atlantic Federation

Transport in Bentonport is managed by the branches of the Atlantic Federation Transport Agency (AFTA) that apply. The island is served by both the M1 and M2 motorways, the M2 gives access to the Atlantic Federation International Airport. The M1 is a ring road around the island that gives access to all the areas of the city. It travels through the city above ground on cable suspended bridges. The A1 connects the northern part of Bentonport to the docks district and is a heavily used road by HGVs.

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