The Bergland Military has two million five hundred thousand active personnel, the most in the world. Their contractor is Overwatch Arms. This page is a work in progress.


The Army is the largest branch and currently is fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their standard equipment is a combat uniform with blue digital camouflage, and a Overwatch Shock Rifle, a small rifle that has heavy firepower and higher capacity due to using smaller but more pointed bullets. Some special units use incendiary rounds or hollow point bullets. Bergland does not follow international regulations when it comes to weapons, meaning that hollow point bullets are allowed. Sidearms vary by unit.

Air Force

The Bergland Air Force is the second largest branch and currently their main job is air support for the Army. Their contractors are Lockheed for fighters and Boeing for bombers and helicopters.


The Navy is the smallest branch but is still a decent size. The Navy is mainly working on securing the country from pirates and helping the Air Force by transporting helicopters and plans. Overwatch makes the Navy’s amphibious vehicles and the ships are built by the Berglandish Government.

Special Forces

The Bergland Special Forces are a sub-branch of the Army and operate in five units. These units operate in different areas and cover different assignments. Each unit closely resembles a Navy SEAL team.

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