Police overview
Formed 1809
Jurisdiction Wessex
Headquarters Bristol
Annual budget ¥1.100 billion
Minister responsible Anwieta Lesar
Jurisdiction of the Bewitanfreod in Green

The Bewitanfreod commonly known as the Bewitan, translated as the Guards of Peace, is the national Police Forces of Wessex. The force is led by a Commissioner who is appointed by the government. The Bewitan was first created in 1809, removing the Army from law enforcement. 


The force is headed by a Commissioner, who's immediate subordinates are two Deputy Commissioners, in charge of operations, strategy and management. The Commissioner is appointed by, and is directly answerable to the Wessen Government. There are then three assistant commissioners, one for each geographic region of Wessex. The Three Force Regions are synonymous with the geographic regions of Wessex these are;

  • North Wessex
  • South East Wessex
  • South West Wessex

The Shires of Wessex are divided into Bewitan districts, typically each district has a Bewitan Station. Each district is headed by a Superintendent who coordinates operations for that area.


It is against the law for Bewitan officers to routinely carry firearms, such abilities are restricted to Firearms Units. The Firearms Units are largely used as a last resort in a dangerous situation where force is required. Generally, officers are issued Pepperspray and a Truncheon, and on some occasions, a Taser. Firearms Units usually carry Glock Pistols. Specialist Firearms units may carry MP7 sub-machine guns. 


Bewitan vehicles are Silver-Grey with the traditional 'Battenburg' checkered reflective markings. Unmarked Patrol Cars may also be used, Armed Response Vehicles are generally black. Typically, Bewitan vehicles can be divided into categories, Response Cars, Traffic Cars, Panda Cars, Vans and Armed Response Vehicles. The most common Bewitan vehicles are Opel Insignias, Opel Astras or Ford Focuses. Vans are most commonly Ford Transits, or Opel Transporters.    

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