The Bijani House of Representatives election of 1961 was held on Sunday, March 5, 1961, to elect the 150 members of the 4th Bijani House of Representatives.  The incumbent Bijani National Party government sought a fourth term in office against a broad offering of opposition parties, including the centre-left Social Democratic Party, the centre-right Liberal Democratic Party, the rural-interests Country Party, the Alliance of Dutch Voters and the Christian Democratic Party.  Nine parties took part in the election, though only six of them contested seats in all 23 counties.

The era of single-party rule in Bijan ended with the 1961 election, as the Bijani National Party lost its grip on the House.  The BNP won 46% of the national vote and 74 of the 150 seats, two seats short of an outright majority.  The seven other parliamentary parties, none of whom had the support of the others but together held 76 of the 150 seats, agreed to support the Bijani National Party's formation of a minority government.  In return, the parties used their majority to amend the electoral law to ensure the representation of parties in the House was more reflective of each party's share of the national vote.  The new electoral law, which would increase the size of the House to 173 members, would go into effect at the 1965 election.


A total of 25 seats changed hands in this election, though 15 of those seats were seats won by the newly formed Country Party, a merger of two former parliamentary parties, the Farmers' and Fishermen's Party and the Traditionalist Party, which held 15 seats in the previous House.

Bijani House of Representatives election, 1961: Summary
Party Votes  % ± Seats ±
  Bijani National Party 1,857,845 46.0 4.5 Red Arrow Down 74 9 Red Arrow Down
  Social Democratic Party 585,039 14.5 1.9 Green Arrow Up Darker 23 5 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Liberal Democratic Party of Bijan 476,100 11.8 2.5 Green Arrow Up Darker 20 4 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Country Party 389,996 9.7 9.7 Green Arrow Up Darker 15 15 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Alliance of Dutch Voters 233,364 5.8 0.5 Green Arrow Up Darker 6 1 Red Arrow Down
  Christian Democratic Party 232,879 5.8 0.3 Red Arrow Down 8 1 Green Arrow Up Darker
  New Bijan Party 138,684 3.4 0.6 Green Arrow Up Darker 2 0 Straight Line Steady
  Communist Party of Bijan 67,071 1.7 0.1 Green Arrow Up Darker 2 0 Straight Line Steady
  Pensioners Party 58,645 1.5 0.5 Green Arrow Up Darker 0 0 Straight Line Steady
Valid Votes 4,039,623 91.8 1.0 Green Arrow Up Darker 150 0 Straight Line Steady
Invalid Votes 359,934 8.2 1.0 Red Arrow Down
Total Votes 4,399,557 100.0 0.0 Straight Line Steady
Electors/Turnout 5,357,217 82.1 0.5 Green Arrow Up Darker

Elections in Bijan
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House of Representatives 1949195319571961196519691973197719811985
Local 1950195419581962196619701974197819821986
Referenda 194519461947

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