The Bijani House of Representatives election of 1997 took place on Sunday, March 2, 1997, to elect the 245 members of the 13th Bijani House of Representatives. The incumbent government Liberal National Party (LNP) sought a sixth term in government against the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP). The 1997 election was the first to take place after the 1996 law increasing the size of the House of Representatives from 173 to 245 members.

The election took place amid a major political realignment in Bijan, which saw smaller parties unite into larger ones:  One Nation, formed from the union of the Country Party and the Christian Democratic Party, largely represented interests of rural dwellers, farmers, and conservative poor, working and middle-class voters; and Together For Bijan, formed from the New Bijan Party, the Progressives, Common Future Bijan, the Alliance of Dutch Voters and Prosperous Bijan, which largely represented middle-class urban and suburban voters and the Dutch–Bijani community.


Bijani House of Representatives election, 1997: Summary
Party Votes  % ± Seats ±
County Leveling Total
  Liberal National Party 2,520,315 40.9 8.3 Red Arrow Down 86 17 103 13 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Social Democratic Party 1,738,322 28.2 8.1 Green Arrow Up Darker 54 17 71 34 Green Arrow Up Darker
  One Nation 1,030,485 16.4 1.2 Green Arrow Up Darker 34 7 41 16 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Together For Bijan 291,950 4.9 0.1 Green Arrow Up Darker 22 5 27 9 Green Arrow Up Darker
  Bijani Greens 220,991 3.6 0.2 Red Arrow Down 3 0 3 0 Straight Line Steady
Valid Votes 6,156,386 96.2 0.1 Red Arrow Down 199 46 245 72 Green Arrow Up Darker
Invalid Votes 241,421 3.8 0.1 Green Arrow Up Darker
Total Votes 6,397,807 100.0 0.0 Straight Line Steady
Electors/Turnout 8,008,418 79,9 0.9 Red Arrow Down

Elections in Bijan
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House of Representatives 1949195319571961196519691973197719811985
Local 1950195419581962196619701974197819821986
Referenda 194519461947

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