The Bijani presidential election of 1949 took place on Monday, June 13, 1949, and Tuesday, June 14, 1949, to elect the 1st President of the Republic, the head of state of Bijan.  The winner was scheduled to take office effective 1 July 1949.  This was the first presidential election to take place under the new Bijani constitution.


According to the transitory provisions of the Bijani constitution, until the House of Representatives elected a President, the former colonial administrator served in an acting role with severely curtailed duties. The constitution's transitory provisions required that a president be elected prior to September 30.

The election took place in the House of Representatives beginning on Monday, June 13, 1949, during the last week of the first regular session of the 1st House.

Nominations and first round

The constitution required the support of at least one-fifth of the total membership of the House of Representatives to nominate a candidate, and the President of the Republic (Elections) Act prohibited any member from nominating more than one candidate. The Bijani National Party which held 95 of the 150 parliamentary seats, nominated Nemu Neĉemu, leader of the party's executive wing and one of the founders of the BNP's predecessor organization, Sovereign Bijan. No other single party held the required 30 seats to nominate a candidate on their own, but the Social Democratic Party and the Alliance of Dutch Voters co-nominated Reinard Talla as its candidate. No other candidates were nominated, and so proceeded the ballot.

Bijani presidential election, 1949: Round 1
Party Candidate Votes  %
  Bijani National Party Nemu Neĉemu 98 65.3
  Social Democratic Party Reinard Talla 42 28.0
Abstentions 9 6.0
Invalid votes 1 0.7
Total Votes 150 100.0

No candidate received a two-thirds vote in favor, so a second round of voting was scheduled for the next day.

Reopened nominations and second round

The second round of the election began at 10:00am on Tuesday, June 14, 1949. A second round of nominations took place, in which the same candidates as the previous day were nominated.

Bijani presidential election, 1949: Round 2
Party Candidate Votes  %
  Bijani National Party Nemu Neĉemu 110 73.3
  Social Democratic Party Reinard Talla 39 26.0
Abstentions 1 0.7
Invalid votes 0 0.0
Total Votes 150 100.0

With 73.3% of the vote, Nemu Neĉemu received the required two-thirds majority and was declared elected. His term began on 1 July 1949.

Elections in Bijan
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House of Representatives 1949195319571961196519691973197719811985
Local 1950195419581962196619701974197819821986
Referenda 194519461947


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