Justice William Michael "Bill" Hope (April 1, 1945 - September 19, 2006) was a justice of the United Islands Supreme Court. He was appointed in 1995 by the Conservative government of Eric Edge. Chief Justice James O'Neill died in office, the last Chief Justice to do so. The Edge government named Hope to the bench in July 1995. Hope's appointment was blocked initially by the Labour Party and the Georgeland Party in the Senate but the Georgeland Party later agreed to allow the appointment. Hope is a conservative who has been a leading right-wing voice on the court. In 1996, Hope voted to block the federal government from having control over abortion, though he was in the minority. He continued to remain the court's leading conservative voice.


On September 19, 2006, Justice Hope died suddenly of what doctors described as a 'circulatory problem of the head', usually referred to as a stroke. The attack was sudden but Hope had been a heavy smoker for some years. His death at 61 opened the way for the second Supreme Court appointment in four months.

Preceded by
James O'Neill
Associate Justice of the
United Islands Supreme Court
July 27, 1995-September 19, 2006
Succeeded by
Nisreen Sharif

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