Bill Taggart
Bill Taggart
Assumed office
June 22, 2012
Vice President Dick Richardson
Personal details
Born17th January 1961
New Haven, Kentucky
Political partyEnclave
Spouse(s)Elaine Taggart
Alma materHarvard University
ProfessionAuthor, Political Activist
Bill Taggart, is the current president of the Enclave Republic, instated as the interim President until elections in October. Taggart was the founder, and the man who spearheaded the military political group known as the Enclave.


Core Beliefs

Issue Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights YES "As citizens of this country and as stated in the United States Constitution, it is everyone's right to freedom, justice and equality"
Gay Marriage YES "The United States Constitution states that everyone is equal, and everyone has equal rights, this extends to everyone."
Abortion Partial "I am not comfortable with killing a living being for no reason, unless they are threatening me or my country, and im sure no child is doing that."
Death Penalty YES "Everyone has the right to life and if you take away someone's right to live, you may face the same."
Torture Methods Partial "Sometimes people will not tell us the information we need to keep this country and its citizens safe, we may sometimes need to use force."
Stem Cell Research YES "If it will cure cancer, it can surely help the people of this nation, and create a better tomorrow for us, and the world."
Weapons of Mass Destruction YES "To protect this country from people who would rather see it burn and crumble, we need weapons."
Radioactive Weapons NO "These are hazardous to the environment and the fall out will affect more than the target."
Biological Weapons NO "Messing with viral warfare will come around an destroy the people of this country and indeed the world."
Chemical Weapons NO "This is both hazardous to the environment and considered torturous and inhumane."
Equal Rights YES "It is a human right to be free. We are all equal and should be treated that way with no exception."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty Partial "If you are caught in the process of committing a crime, then you are quite obviously guilty."
Assisted Suicide YES "If all treatments have failed to make on of our citizens better, and they wish to end it, they should be allowed to have the power to end their own life."
Criminal Rights Partial "Depending on the crime you committed, you receive certain inviolable rights, one being the right to live."
Foreign Interference Partial "We only just have enough resources to sustain this great nation, but if we need to help an ally to this country, then it is all important."
Gun Rights YES "The right to bear arms is in our constitution"
Self Defense Rights YES "Everyone has the right to live a healthy, happy, secure life and no one can take that away."
Freedom of Speech YES "Everyone has the right to their opinion, unless it is discriminating, or it is against this country which we all hold so dear."
Freedom of Expression YES "Be yourself, everything has that right"
Freedom of Religion YES "Believe what you want, but that religion is coming nowhere near the government. But when you violate another person's rights, then there are restrictions."
Freedom of Choice YES "It is your life. You may choose your path and choose what you want to do without interference, aslong as it does not affect the people of this nation in a bad way."
Freedom of Press Partial "Print and report what you want but it better be the proven truth."
Right To Protest/Assemble YES "You have the right to peaceful protests, but when it gets violent were stepping in."
Right To Privacy YES "Everyone has the right to privacy. No one, even the government, can invade your privacy without just cause or reason."

Famous Quotations

  • How did it come to this America? How did your leaders allow the most powerful nation on die? The answer is Imcompetance, Imcompetance at the highest echelons of power.
  • The manners of people are the criterion by which to Determine whether a republican government is practicable in a Nation or not

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