Democratic Bloc
Blocco Democratico
Demokratikke Blok
Founder Enrico Magretti
President Enrico Magretti
Vice-President Carlo Triestin
Rep's Chamber Leader Maurizio Roccaforti
Founded 28 October 2014
Headquarters Via Cristoforo Gimondi, 57, Cantagallo, Castelmagno
Ideology Liberalism
Social liberalism
Third Way
Christian left
Official colors Yellow
Seats in the Great Council
2 / 21
Seats in the Reps. Chamber
2 / 72

Blocco Democratico is a center-left political party in Lecrotia. It seceded from the Democratic Party, following an internal conflict between Giancarlo Stoppiani (left wing of the party) and Enrico Magretti (right wing of the party).

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