Bloodsports involving humans ended up being astonishingly popular in the 22nd Century. Just like the Gladiators of Ancient Rome society in the West began to legalize more bloody entertainment. As time progressed once professional sports like MMA were little more that brawls to the death by 2122. As society came to accept televised real-life ultra-violence by 2086 it would be frowned upon in the east for almost seventy more years (excluding Japan and Korea). 

Clones and Criminals

After the large demand for violent entertainment, the Aztlan Government in 2089 to legalize death fights. Only your average person was not allowed to participate. People could opt to clone themselves and have their clones fight. The clone's orginal person would win money. The Clones were given no memory of a former life but mass outrage and criticism halted the legalization by years until 2094. It still remained controversal worldwide, and the United Commonwealth of North America used it as an excuse to press further Sanctions after the Second Mexican-American War. In 2112 the Aztlan Governemnt announced prisioners on death row would have the option to participate, if they one they would be reduced to life in prision. The promise of a reduced scentence and vast wealth made many death row prisioners sign up.


The Sporting Events were criticized as "barbaric widely until the 2160s .The voice mainly came from parents, Conservatives, Liberals, the Religious and activists. The recent Spiritual Movement also changed peoples minds about the games as being barbaric, even though in Europe only Clones were alloed participate at the time. Although it still remains controversial in much of Africa, Eastern Asia and the Middle East it has become accepted in most of the West.

Types of Bloodsport

Legality in the 22nd Century 

Up to the 2160s many questioned the ethics and morality of viewers, operators, participants and the governemnts allowing them to happen, but to a lesser degree of that in the 21st Century. Eastern Asian, Latin American, The Middle Eastern and African nations and peoples often looked down on the games as Barbaric. After the Spiritual Revolution of the 2100s, also known as the Great Dao, many Europeans felt the games were barbaric, but they were implimented due to the mass income it would generate for the government. As time grew opinions against the games grew with it. Most Governments refused to change the law until the March on the Reichstag in 2177 led to most governemnts forced to review the legality of the games. As of 2189 many European countries have banned the game and th erest are in the proccess after an order by the United Eurasian Economic Commonwealth (U.E.E.C).

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