Blue Vu Logo
Founded March 24,1912
Commenced operations July 12,1912
Hubs Chubu Tokoname International Airport(Naradi)
Frequent flyer program BlueWings
Member lounge Sasake Lounge
Alliance Skyteam
Subsidiaries BlueSky
Fleet size 702
Destinations 185 excl. subsidiaries
Company slogan Fly with a wing
Headquarters 23 Airport City, Chubu Tokoname International Airport, Kolowi, Naradi
Key people Yeo Sejon(CEO)
Revenue Ƶ293.45 billion
Operating income Ƶ195.68 billion
Net income Ƶ124.3 billion
Profit Ƶ119 billion
Total assets Ƶ106.75 billion
Total equity Ƶ143.57 billion

BlueVu is a the second largest airline in Naradi. It operate 185 destinations across six continents(Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania). It is the world's second largest airline(86.5 milliom yearly).

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