Bodvyn Donga is a neighbourhood in the northern Hemdeįre in the city of Nayr. It is sandwiched between the Påtyset river and Hangll river.


"Bodvyn Donga" literally translates to "Beggar Meander" which is due to the neighbourhood's history as a residence of the so-called "unfavorable families" which were displaced here. These families were either too poor to afford a residence elsewhere or one of the family members was a former prisoner or thief.


In hopes of better living conditions, hundreds of Wrangen's poor folks arrived to Nayr after it was established in 1488. They were not given rights to live within the city limits therefore a shack by shack was slowly appearing near the gates. Thus Nayr had acquaired it's first suburb. The king did not like the shacks surrounding the beautiful city, therefore in 1502 he ordered to displace the beggars to a further location. The mayor of the city did not want to have any beggars, however, and on his orders the suburb was burnt to the ground in winter of 1502/1503. The beggars then moved to a further place, several kilometres from the city - to the current Bodvyn Donga.

In 17th century the mayor of Nayr decided to boost the life quality of the beggars by giving them a job. This way, by paying less to beggars, he could save money and still improve their life quality. Soon, other vacancies were offered to them. These were only the lowest-paid jobs, however. By the end of the 17th century many manufactures were built in Bodvyn Donga. The neighbourhood grew.

After the technological revolution their life quality was improved once again. Over the course of the 19th century the shacks were replaced by proper brick buildings. Smoke stacks of the surrounding factories were lining the landscape. In the late 19th century protests began to improve their life quality by increasing their salaries and shortening the working hours. The authorities ignored. Soon they emigrated to countries with better conditions of life, and the neighbourhood once again was slowly turning to slums. The factories were getting abandoned.

Nothing changed until 1977 after the neighbourhood was finally incorporated within the city of Nayr. The mayor promulgated the "Bodvyn Donga revitalization plan". Today it is known as a dynamic neighbourhood with expensive housing. It is well known for it's artworks and the sporty lifestyle it's inhabitants have.


Bodvyn Donga is located in the northern part of the Hemdeįre district of the city of Nayr. It borders with Kaar and Mardyny Beakk in Sed Garment to the north, Vybenblu to the east, Roze Maalb and Lohokk to the south and Vi Jaan District to the west.

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