aThe Bodyguards of the Oppi are professional Mercenaries working

The Badge of the Bodyguards

out of a wing of the Frihtz Arms Manufactury to provide soldiers or bodyguards to important people on Frihtz to make sure they are not killed by the Knall. They operate out of Frihtz 23, along with FAM. They are supporting the OFP rebels with soldiers and tactitians.


The Bodyguards operate out of Frihtz 23, in a large barracks on the southern continent, if they are to be deployed to an assignment, they are ferried to the space station in orbit and board a variety of personnel transports to their destination.


Because the Bodyguards are a mercenary company, they have soldiers, who are most often supplied by the FAM. It is widely beleived that the Bodyguards and the HGT are at war with each other, being mercenary companies with access to arms and soldiers. They do not fight often but when they do, it is often in deep space where they cannot be found.

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