Boeing 818 Spaceliner
Boeing 818
A NASA test version of the 818, featuring standard NASA spacecraft coloration.
Role Passenger Liner, Executive Transport, Space Ambulance
National origin Union of Everett
Manufacturer Boeing
First flight April 2022
Introduced June 2023
Status Operational
Primary user Union of Everett Space Forces
Union of Everett Air Force
Security Alliance
United Nations
Number built 300
Unit cost $400 Million
Developed from Boeing 797/808
Variants Boeing 797/808

The Boeing 818 is a space passenger plane designed by aeronautics company Boeing. The 818 is the second in line of the 800 series of Boeing passenger liners, which started with the Boeing 808, a short range space passenger plane variant of the final Boeing 700 series air planes, the Boeing 797. The 818 features long term flight capability designed for passenger space travel between the Earth and Mars, and space stations and orbital hotels within similar range. 818 liners are widely used in civilian space flights between space stations within the Earth-Mars region. The Boeing 818 replaces many of the Union of Everett government aerial transportation such as Air Force One. Boeing 818's are used and docked within space vessels such as Presidential-class Command Vessels as a executive transport for heads of state or government officials and representatives. NASA versions of the 818, referred to as the 818-N are used for transporting NASA crew to stations within the Earth-Mars region. The 818-H is used as a space ambulance by some divisions of the Everetti Space Forces and Department of Solar Affairs.

Design & Features

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